Welcome to ZG Raiffeisen Technik, the modern agricultural cooperative.

Our aim is driving success for our customers with quality products & services, delivered by our dedicated team! 

We are a full-service cooperative with products and services offered in agronomy, agriculture etc. departments. We are always looking towards the future and trying to bring more opportunities, markets, and abilities to our local producers.

Our Products
  • New Machines
    We help farmers meet the latest market challenges, as well as the growing demand for agricultural products. Beyond state-of-the-art equipment and systems, you offer support through our dedicated and competent experts, who can give you advice in choosing the right agricultural equipment for your needs, along with the most advantageous financing solutions.
  • Used Machines
    Agricultural machinery simplifies the work of farmers and has become vital in the field of agricultural business. We come with a wide variety of reliable, modern agricultural equipment and high quality (spare) parts and wear-and-tear items, which helps you in the whole process of tillage and cultivation of the soil. We offer a wide range of products from plows, hoes, rotary harrows, mowers or balers, from the top manufacturers in the field (Lemken, Amazone, Köckerling, Güttler, Monosem, Tehnos, Farmtech).
  • Parts
    Quality is the main criteria by which you should choose and buy spare parts for your equipment. Choose spare parts for your agricultural machinery from top manufacturers in the field. We offer a wide variety of products from bearings and oil seals, to equipment maintenance products, such as engine or transmission oils, filters, etc. SPARE PARTS WAREHOUSE For you in our spare parts warehouses: Many original spare parts are available in our well-stocked warehouses in several locations. We procure spare parts that are not in stock in the shortest possible time.
  • Service
    You have chosen high-quality machines and devices. These machines deserve the best service from excellently trained agricultural mechanics. However, our services go far beyond mere repair and maintenance. We are constantly putting our services to the test and expanding our service portfolio with additional offers that we are convinced will help our customers in their day-to-day business.
  • Amazone
  • Köckerling
  • Farmtech
  • Tehnos
  • Oros
  • Maschio
  • Güttler
  • Hatzenbichler
  • Ino
  • Lemken
  • Monosem